My sales career started nearly twenty years ago.  The first summer job I ever had was when I was a teenager, selling games at a theme park known as Carowinds in Charlotte, NC.

I stood on a microphone and sold the opportunity for park guests to win a prize at my game.  I learned so much from that summer, everything from reading people’s attention, finding connections with strangers quickly (one after another), building rapport and relationships through interaction, and most importantly how powerful a positive mindset was.

Little did I know during that summer, that what I did each day would lay the foundation for a skill set that I use today and will use for the rest of my life.  More importantly, I learned alot about myself – something about speaking on the microphone in front of strangers and building quick relationships/rapport came very natural to me.

Since then, I’ve worked in sales in various industries – real estate, digital marketing/advertising, tourism, and I even sold cars one summer (I had a summer internship while in college at car dealership – they threw me on the sales floor, interesting experience for a college student).

Today I work in the technology field, I work for a phenomenal growth company called Restaurant Technologies Inc.  We automate some of the most dangerous and labor intensive jobs in commercial kitchens. I currently am a National Sales Executive working with some of the largest companies in the world.  We’re doing GREAT things for the industry and our customers.  When you work for such a great company with a strong service & product, your potential can be uncapped.

I’ve had the privilege to work my way up from a local sales rep, to a regional sales manager, managing a team of Sales Executives across the southeast United States, and now today working at the national level.


No sales pitch here – my goal for this site is to share as much content as possible so we can all become better individuals for our companies as well as our customers & clients!


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