Transparency Throughout the Sales Process

How transparent are you really with you prospects during the sales process? What’s holding you back from being more transparent? How transparent is too transparent?

All great questions, ones I get asked often when I work with new sales reps. But let’s reverse this on yourself, when you buy something or commit to something, don’t you feel like you fully understand how both parties win & benefit? How you get the benefit of the new product or service and exactly how the person or company wins that you made that buy from. There’s a real comfort level in this. Simon Sinek has a great TED talk on “start with why.” If you haven’t watched this I highly recommend it. Once you understand the why, it makes the decision process much easier.

Back to transparency:

The more you can share with your prospect about your process the quicker you can speed up the mutual trust. Share how your company works, how you go to market, why you’re even talking to them, what’s important to your company, what your company goals are. These type of comments may sound like you’re talking about “me, me, me” and not being empathetic to the prospect, however when you go beyond your service/product and discuss the “HOW behind your company” and not the “WHY buy the product/service” the deeper the trust will get. The more you share with your prospect, the more your prospect will be willing to share with you, thus the more common ground you can find and build from. You’ll be surprised how much alignment you’ll find between your goals and your prospects goals.

Of course you need to discuss your product/service. I’m not saying divert completely away from this, I’m suggesting weaving in your “why” at every opportunity you can.

The big point I want I make here is stop asking so many one way questions during a research meeting or sales call, be more forthcoming while you ask questions. The sales process is a sharing one (ask and then share). We’ve all taken a call from a pesky telemarketer and all they start doing is asking you questions and you’re mental response is “why is this person even talking to me?” And then you hang up….

To reiterate: Ask, then share, a successful sales process is always a sharing one.

The further you get into the sales process the more transparent you need to become.

Every step should feel and be mutually beneficial for both parties.

Happy Selling!


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