Love Your Process, Even if You’ve had a Bad Week

Love your process – even if you have a slower week.

We have all had those types of week, feels like your spinning your wheels.  Many emails, calls, and other outreach unresponded to.

It’s part of being in this business.

The upside in a bad week – there will be a next week with more opportunity, and there is ALWAYS something new to work on, while you have planted seeds from the last week on other prospects.

Just because a prospect does not return your call or email does not mean there is not interest.  I feel much of it is timing for the prospect.  (Less of IF they want to evaluate our program, more of WHEN).

Like almost everything in life, success comes through consistency, it is what lies between where we are today, and our long-term goals.


That first unresponded email is a seed, its something you can follow up on.  What worked for me in the past is replying to my own original unresponded intro email with a very personal email to the prospect.  For me, this creates a “chain” to follow up on every week or so.

It opens the door to have a slightly more personal message with the prospect.

One other item that for me has helped is always giving the prospect the permission to say no, or that the timing is not right.

“I completely understand if the timing is not right, if that is the case let me know and we can re-visit this down the road when its more convenient for you and your team.”

Feel free to us all of this, some of it, or none of it, I just wanted to share what’s worked for me.



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