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As we wrap up our company’s annual national business meeting after a busy (but very successful) 2019, I reflect back at the year as a whole.   I also take in all the moments I have with the sales team members at the event, talking about specific successes or challenges they are going through in […]

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Transparency Throughout the Sales Process

How transparent are you really with you prospects during the sales process? What’s holding you back from being more transparent? How transparent is too transparent? All great questions, ones I get asked often when I work with new sales reps. But let’s reverse this on yourself, when you buy something or commit to something, don’t you feel like […]

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Confidence is 95% of the Game

Confidence, One of Your Strongest Assets in Sales and Business. Confidence — it can be the biggest separator between you and the next. It makes or breaks potentials deals, it is always felt by your audience, and it can be your worst enemy or best friend in business & sales. From my seat you can break this […]

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