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Sales Success Stories Podcast

Playing the Long Game: This was a great podcast!  On this episode I answer questions and share information on what it’s like to be back into the direct selling vs. being a sales leader.  I share my personal perspective on this topic as its a popular topic among many high performing sales professionals.  Enjoy the show!

Moving Forward Leadership Podcast Interview

This was a fun interview on Scott McCarthy’s Moving Forward Leadership Podcast.  I gave my thoughts on being the leader of a team where I was the youngest member of it.  I hope anyone leading a team finds this useful!

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Leadership Panel Discussion

I enjoyed sharing the stage with these two other great leaders on Episode 50 of the Moving Forward Leadership Podcast.

This was a special panel discussion where the host Scott tossed out topics that are relevant today that many leaders are facing as challenges.  This was a fun one!



Sales Success Stories Podacst Interview

I had a blast being on the Sales Success Stories Podcast with Scott Ingram!   One of my sales executives and I dive deep into how important it is to match your passion for your product with your confidence in yourself, what it takes to be successful in the B2B sales industry today, and a ton more!  Link and episode below:

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